About Integrity Internet Consulting

Integrity Internet Consulting was founded by Dan Stratford in 2006. Since then Dan has helped hundreds of businesses all over the world implement return on investment driven Internet marketing strategies.

If you are a business owner or the person in charge of developing the right Internet marketing strategy for your business, you may already know how daunting this task can be.

You have a lot of questions…

  • internet marketing You may feel stuck dealing with a salesperson who tells a good story, but how do you know if they truly have your best interests in mind?
  • internet marketing What amount of time and effort should you be spending on SEO or local SEO?
  • internet marketing Is SEO an affordable solution for your business?
  • internet marketing Will paid search be profitable for your business, or is it a waste of time and money?
  • internet marketing How much time and effort should you invest in social media?
  • internet marketing Do you need a new website, and if so, how much should you invest?
  • internet marketing Is Adwords, retargeting or programmatic a good idea for your business?
  • internet marketing How will know which strategies are driving profitable results?

You simply want someone who can help you figure out the best strategy for your business, so you can rest easy knowing your Internet marketing is working for you, rather than you working to figure out how to pay your Internet marketing bills.

seo-dan-stratfordIntegrity helps cut through all of the confusion so you can make the right online marketing decisions for your business.

When you work with Integrity Internet Consulting, you work directly with one of the most experienced digital marketing experts in the industry. Dan Stratford has nearly 20 years of experience developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for businesses like yours. Dan will walk you through a step by step process to help you pick the strategies that meet your business goals and marketing budget. He will help you determine the most profitable solution for your business.

Dan Stratford’s Experience

With Dan on your team you will have the expertise and knowledge you need to develop a SMART Internet marketing program for your business.

1996 to 2002

Business development and Internet marketing for technology companies, including ERP software solutions, industrial/commercial lighting and telecommunications companies.

2003 to 2006

Dan and his team at Dex Media developed Internet marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses across 15+ states. Including product development, training thousands of Internet marketing consultants for Dex Media. At this time, Dan became one of the first 350 people in the world to become (advanced) Google Certified.


Founded Integrity Internet Consulting

2007 – 2009

For LexisNexis, Dan taught Certified Legal Education courses on Internet Marketing for law firms throughout the US. Dan also developed over $10,000,000 in SEO, PPC and video marketing service programs for law firms throughout the western United States.

2009 – 2012

Dan continued to provide consulting services for businesses and marketing agencies through Integrity Internet Consulting

2012 to 2015

Dan merged Integrity with C1 Partners and developed a $1,000,000 a year agency, before selling his half of the business to Dan Smink in August of 2015.

For honest answers to your Internet marketing questions contact Dan Stratford today at 720-985-7945.

Internet Marketing Strategies We Can Help You With:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Local SEO
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • •Retargeting and Programmatic
  • •Review Monitoring & Management
  • •Social Media Marketing
  • •Website Development
  • •Landing Page Development
  • •Group Coupons
  • •Email Marketing

Industries We Have Served

  • Legal
  • Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare – Medical Equipment
  • Landscaping & Tree Service Marketing
  • Education
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Salon Marketing
  • Business Services
  • HVAC Marketing
  • Travel & Recreation
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Insurance
  • Oil & Gas
  • Environmental
  • Software
  • Information Technology
  • B2B technology
  • Construction
  • Home Services
  • Manufacturing and Distribution