How Much Does SEO Cost?

Posted on Jan 27, 2013 in Internet MarketingSEO

How Much Does SEO Cost?

This is a very common question…

Short answer I often give is: “How long is a string?”

In other words, SEO is a very specific for each business.

The best answer may be: “SEO costs time and money.”

If you have a lot more time than money, then you can spend all of your time learning how to optimize your site for virtually nothing. You can then optimize it for very little or no money.

You can also learn how to grow your own vegetables, change your own oil in your car or even build your own car.

The point is, “How much does SEO cost?” can lead you down many trails.

The better question may be: “What do I need to do to optimize my online web presence in a way that will be profitable for my business?”

The first step is to determine the goals of your web presence.

“Basic” SEO

The most basic SEO should “anchor” your referrals. In other words, it should accomplish the goal of making it very easy for prospects referred to you to be able to find the information you want them to find when they look for you online.

It is very likely that most of the businesses to people that are referred to you will search for you on a search engine, a local search engine, mobile device or even a social media site before they contact you. This may be to learn more about you or simply find your phone number, but they will search.

What happens if they find very little information on your business?

What happens if they find the wrong information about your business?

What happen if instead of finding you they find your competitors?

All 3 of these scenarios may lead to you losing a referral to one of your competitors. This could happen 1% or 90% of the time, but you may never know the impact, because you only know when the referrals DO find you.

That can be very expensive.

If you don’t implement a basic “SEO” program for your business, or better yet, a basic “web presence optimization” strategy to help your current clients, repeat customers and referred prospects find the correct information about your business quickly and easily on multiple platforms you could be costing your business revenue every month, or even every day.

Our basic SEO program helps to make certain these searchers find the information you want them to find on the web quickly and easily. We only charge $1,000, but you can do all of these things yourself if you have the time.

Bottom line: the cost of NOT implementing “basic” SEO usually far outweighs the cost of implementation.

The steps we perform in our basic SEO/Web presence optimization package for $995 can be found at this link.

SEO and Web Presence Optimization

You could also try to follow all of the steps on your own if you have the time and ability.