PPC: “Pay Per Click Marketing”

The 2 biggest truths about PPC

  • 1) PPC can be very profitable for many (if not most) businesses.
  • 2) Many PPC programs are setup and managed so poorly they are either losing money or not nearly as profitable as they could be.

We have an advanced certification for Google Adwords. 

We have helped many businesses cut their PPC budget in half while increasing return on investment.

We can help you figure out if and how PPC marketing makes sense for your business.

You need to know the answers to these questions before you embark on a PPC program:

  • •What are the most profitable keywords for your business?
  • •What can you expect to get as a return on your investment or your cost per customer acquisition?
  • •Do you have the right budget for a PPC campaign to be successful?
  • •How can you best utilize your assets and landing pages to drive leads to your business?

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